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Living Spaces

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Social Fish Media uses professional equipment and softwares to capture and enhance the beauty of your properties. With great photography that highlights the best aspects of your spaces, your listing will stand out from all the others and get attention from potential buyers.

Photography, Video and Drone Packages

For any services not listed here, please call us and ask.  It's probably something we can help you with!

Prices quoted are for houses up to 4000 sq ft. Please call for quote on homes over 4000 sq ft.

Turnaround time on photos: 24 hours

  • $35 TO $105 distance fee applies for homes more than 25-75 miles from Preston/Legacy intersection in Plano

  • $75 fee if home not ready at time of initial appointment and must be rescheduled

  • Our schedules are tight so please make sure the home is completely ready for photographs BEFORE the photographer arrives. There will be an additional $25 charge if a photographer has to wait for the homeowner to finish cleaning or move things around, etc.

  • Please note that the photographers are not stagers and home must be photo-ready at time of appointment.  For liability reasons, we cannot be responsible for moving furniture or other items.

  • Please do not schedule photos on same day as house cleaners, window washers, painters, etc.

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